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John Fortson

Check out John in his critically-acclaimed, one-man show, LOVESWELL, by clicking HERE.

John books starring roles in back to back films. Check out the SPACECHILD
trailer HERE, which hits festivals this year.


Loveswell, premiere

"Fortson is excellent, capturing the emotional essence of each person... Director’s fine pacing benefits from Fortson's good timing and energy..." The Times

"Loveswell is a great show full of funny monologues with poignant moments that showcase Fortson's versatiltiy as an actor. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing (script) and John's wonderful performance. I recommend this show; written and performed by John Fortson, Loveswell is a wonderful peek into the complexities of a relationship as experienced by a man. There are hilarious scenes in this terrific portrayal of love and marriage."
Elizabeth Lopez,

“Intimate, hilarious, and thought provoking. John has an amazing capacity to allow his vulnerabilities to come out.” News Press

"Loveswell is a delight. John Fortson portrays so vividly and amusingly a range of characters that I felt I came to know them." Mary Fischer (Oprah Magazine, GQ)


Sebastian and the Tattooed Love Librarian, premiere

“John Fortson comes across as refreshingly honest and real." The Times

“The director elicits strong performances, with Fortson particularly empathetic as the frustrated yet ever-patient Freddy.” Frontier Magazine

“John Fortson is perfect… presenting a totally natural character that any sane woman would give her eye-teeth for… he’s intelligent, accepting, persistent and honest.” Robert Axelrod-Arts District Magazine

“I really liked John’s portrayal. He was lovely and sweet, I really believed him. He made the shocking choice to play the entire confrontation in the second act with a great deal of tenderness. This made a profound difference in establishing his character and the fact that he does love her. He actually had his arms around her, and he’s holding her as he says these terrible things to her. It was devastating. I wish I had thought to go that way in my first production.” Playwright Debra Nathans - Published online about John’s performance in her original play, Sebastian and the Tattooed Love Librarian

And here's what the industry is saying...

“Yeah, that’s what I like to see! That’s the kind of acting I want! Yeah! Great job!” Director/Producer Christopher Chulack yelling after John as he walked out of the audition for ER. John booked the role.

“John was brilliant. Reminded me of John Cusak and Edward Norton.” Director Pavel Cerny - On booking John in his critically acclaimed run of the play, Nathan the Wise.

“You should give Russell Crowe a run for his money….You have more emotional life than I have ever seen…You are going to win your academy awards from good old, solid, American acting.” Acting Teacher Cameron Thor on John’s work in his master class.

“John is an excellent actor. I highly recommend him…” Casting Director Rick Montgomery (Something About Mary, & many many more) - Cast John in Overnight Delivery.

“You booked this role because your acting was the best of all we had seen.” Director/Writer Kirk Jones (Waking Ned Devine) -After seeing over 400 actors in NY, Chicago and LA and booking John in his Award Winning Coke Commercial.

“What a gem of an actor… grounded and such a good actor. …relaxed, brought depth and commitment…” Director/Writer Barbara Daoust - On booking John in her film, Letting Go.

“Awesome. We cast such a talented professional and all around sweet guy as our lead. John’s doing such an amazing job, that I can’t imagine having gotten any luckier.” Producer Susana Ines Fattorini - On John’s work Starring in her film, Nice Guy Syndrome

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